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Re: [leafnode-list] Leafnode on MacOS X :-)

On Wednesday, June 27, 2001, at 05:33 PM, Jakob Schmidt wrote:

> I'm not sure if anybody has said this already but I thought it might be
> of interest:
> Leafnode installs and runs just fine on MacOS X
> You probably need to be root (I was) when installing - this doesn't come
> quite as easy on MacOS as it does on other unices.

As another data point, I even ran 1.9.18 successfully under the
Public beta.

I'm running 1.9.19 under 10.0.4 and I'm utterly pleased with

As far as needing to be root when you install, it also works
if you install via sudo.  IIRC, you'll also need set up
Netinfo to let leafnode handle incoming NNTP connections.

Another tip -- I've found that leafnode performs better if you place
your news spool on a UFS formatted partition.  You'll also
spend less time fsck-ing if you happen to have a hard crash
(power failure, etc.) if you use UFS for your spool.


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