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Re: [leafnode-list] no answer at localhost:119

Dirk Dettmering <dettmer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Following this mailing list since more than two years I've always
> found this to be a friendly and helpful list!

Yes, and this is not to be disturbed by people who prefer to harass the
wrong lists with their support questions, and who prefer blaming the own
mistakes on innocents rather than just reading the two pages which have
been just one mouse click away each.

That guy refused the help and complained he only got pointers that did
not solve his problem, but they did carry all necessary information to
solve the problem.

This list is not there to teach people how to use telnet or PHP. 

Please, do not support such impudent behaviour. For off-topic questions,
pointers to documentation is more than people can expect. You don't go
to the butcher's to ask for roofing either.

Matthias Andree

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