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Re: [leafnode-list] no answer at localhost:119


Matthias Andree wrote:
> > Tin still finds no groups, rtin -g localhost results still the same. Only
> > telnet localhost nntp works as it should do.
> So there, leafnode is working. Netscape is are working fine, telnet is,
> what's your problem?
> Go away, you're wasting our time.

Hey, man, calm down! Even if Mathias haven't read the "fine manuals"
properly you shouldn't tell anybody to "go away"! There is absolutly
no need for such a rude attitude!
Just tell him that you will not answer any question anymoreuntil he
has made some progress reading the documentation and is able to ask
profound questions.
Following this mailing list since more than two years I've always
found this to be a friendly and helpful list!

Just my 2 Cent!



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