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Re: [leafnode-list] Problem with texpire

krasel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Cornelius Krasel) writes:

> I have put his version on my ftp server at
> ftp://wpxx02.toxi.uni-wuerzburg.de/pub/texpire-sw.c

Thanks for making that beast available. :-)
The online version is an MS-D0G text file; how did those ugly
'^M's get into it?

Thanks also for fixing the sprintf() stuff. I was concerned about
portability of using PATH_MAX for allocating a fixed-size buffer, and
left these incomplete. Is PATH_MAX guaranteed to be reasonably small
on all target systems?

Thread gathering is incomplete with 2.0b8 xoverutil.c. It generates
broken overview lines (spurious '\t' characters).

"Vanilla" texpire 2.0b8 deletes the affected articles. Look at
"illegal digit in Bytes: header" and similar errors when running
texpire in debug mode, but then the article is already lost...
Texpire-sw will keep those articles, but will be unable to use all
references. legalxoverline() is still called when in debug mode, but
without consequences.

Don't try to re-generate all your .overview files with 2.0b8
xoverutil.c (memory leak); texpire will eat all your memory. :-(


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