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Re: [leafnode-list] no answer at localhost:119

<mathias.ruppel@xxxxxx> writes:

> If you learned something about PHP, you would have known that the coding
> is working (I got this coding from the fine manual !);it also works on

No, you did not get it from the PHP manual. Check the link I sent, watch
the NNTP example.

> three other machines with a commercial newsserver (that's why I think
> it's a leafnode problem), so don't tell me again something about
> incapabilities ! Thank you.

> (Note : telnet loalhost:119 is from the leafnode FAQ !)

> And of course I read the manuals; but the problem isn't still solved. So
> thank you for your non-functional answer.

No, the leafnode FAQ doesn't show the broken telnet use that you're
insisting on. Look again. http://www.leafnode.org/faq.html 

You did not read the telnet man page either. 

You just proved _again_ that you're incapable of reading the
documentation properly (closely and carefully, that is). 

I will not accept or investigate alleged leafnode failures that are
based on your incapability to code PHP or use telnet properly.

> Tin still finds no groups, rtin -g localhost results still the same. Only
> telnet localhost nntp works as it should do.

So there, leafnode is working. Netscape is are working fine, telnet is,
what's your problem?

Go away, you're wasting our time.

Matthias Andree

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