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Re: [leafnode-list] Case sensitivity of newsgroup names

krasel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Cornelius Krasel) writes:

> Stefan Wiens wrote:
>> Both of my upstream servers don't like uppercase characters in group
>> names; neither in NNTP commands, nor in Article headers. (But I did
>> receive articles with uppercase characters in Newsgroups: headers from
>> them.)
> Do you happen to know what software is used by these servers?

AFAIK news.cis.dfn.de run a modified INN 2.x, the other one is

But I did overlook good old

,----[ Son-of-1036 ]
|           5.5. Newsgroups
|                NOTE: Possibly newsgroup names  should  have  been
|                case-insensitive, but all existing software treats
|                them as case-sensitive.   (RFC  977  [rrr]  claims
|                that they are case-insensitive in NNTP, but exist-
|                ing implementations are believed to ignore  this.)
|                The simplest solution is just to ban use of upper-
|                case letters, since no widespread  newsgroup  name
|                uses  them  anyway; this avoids any possibility of
|                confusion.
|                NOTE: The syntax has the disadvantage of  contain-
|                ing  no  white space, making it impossible to con-
|                tinue a Newsgroups header  across  several  lines.
|                Implementors  of  relayers  and reading agents are
|                warned that it is intended that the  successor  to
|                this  Draft will change the definition of ng-delim
|                to:
|                     ng-delim = "," [ space ]
|                and are urged to  fix  their  software  to  handle
|                (i.e.,  ignore)  white space following the commas.
|                Meanwhile, posters must avoid inserting such space
|                (despite  the  natural-language  convention  which
|                permits it) and posting  agents  should  strip  it
|                out.

(The second paragraph addresses multi-line Newsgroup: headers, which I
mentioned in another article concerning mgetheader().)


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