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Re: [leafnode-list] no answer at localhost:119

mathias.ruppel@xxxxxx writes:

> But tin complains that there are no groups available,

What message do you get exactly? Did you try "tin -r" or "rtin"?
Does tin know which server to connect to?
($NNTPSERVER, /etc/nntpserver?)

> telnet localhost:119
Try "telnet localhost nntp".

> results returns a hostname lookup failure and tells me that name or
> service is not known.

Is that the only situation where name resolving problems occur?

> And, my real problem, I don't manage to get information about the
> available newsgroups with a PHP-Script containing
> $nntp = imap_open("{localhost:119}de.comp.lang.c","","");
looks strange...

BTW, please check your systen clock and timezone.


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