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Re: [leafnode-list] fetchnews 2.0b8 stores article in wrong group

Stefan Wiens <s.wi@xxxxxxx> writes:

> In any case, I think failure to create a group directory should not be
> considered a fatal error. Then I could prevent creation of unwanted
> groups or hierarchies simply by setting appropriate access
> permissions. OTOH, this would open the possibility of fetched articles
> not to get stored in any group.

I'd like access control the other way round: default = deny, only allow
what is specified (and allow overriding to exclude subhierarchies again).

> Some noteworthy details I found while locating the bug:
> - In artutil.c:158 and 318, "(isinteresting(foo) || create_all_links)"
>   should be changed to "(create_all_links || isinteresting(foo))".
>   I have create_all_groups set, and this would avoid useless file I/O.


> - In fetchnews.c:getarticle(), the "Supersedes:" header can be
>   retrieved using mgetheader(), which is less expensive than
>   getheader().


> - mgetheader() cannot handle multi-line headers (currently unlikely
>   to cause problems).

I have a function to overcome this in my WIP tree (not sure if the
published WIP already incorporates that function).

I'll mail the function source on request.

Matthias Andree

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