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RE: [leafnode-list] Newbie Leafnode questions

I installed Leafnode 2.0b8 on redhat linux box V6 something and all was
working well.

We now have another Linux server on which I have installed 7.1.  I moved
across the same copy of leafnode to this new server and tried to access it
via Outlook on Windows 2000 PC and I get the following error:

503 Unable to determine hostname by gethostbyaddr, exiting (Success)

    Account: redhat-prod.uk.corp.entranet.co.uk
    Server: redhat-prod.uk.corp.entranet.co.uk
    Protocol: NNTP
    Port: 119
    Secure(SSL): 0
    Error Number: 503
    Code: 800ccca0

If I access the news server locally on the Linux server it works fine.  I
have had one of our Linux experts look into it and he says that reverse
lookup works fine and he can't see any configuration problems.

Someone reported this problem a few months ago and claimed it was related to
inet and xinet which 7.1 has.  I am not too familiar with these so I am not
sure whether this is the case although our Linux expert says that everything
should work with xinet.

Thanks for any help.


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