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Re: [leafnode-list] texpire and dates

John Covici <covici@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> According to the source, texpire uses the mtime if you specify the -f
> option, but I would like it to use the article date instead.

Not implemented in either version. 

It would cause a major performance impact because you'd have to actually
open the article, read it, parse the header and then decide.

That is because leafnode currently doesn't track the article "Date:"

Using the .overview information might help alleviate the performance
impact, but texpire will only restore the .overview information, so it
might not catch everything at once.

I'll put that on my TODO list, which I intend to publish from time to
time and which is part of my leafnode beta versions, see below for the

Matthias Andree


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