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[leafnode-list] Reproducibly truncate groupinfo


After various reports and my own bad experiences I found a way to
reproducibly cause truncation of the groupinfo file. This method
requieres leafnode-2.0b8 and a working installation of mail2news,
see e.g. <http://cip.physik.uni-bonn.de/~dietrich/ln_m2n.html>.
The underlying bug is probably the same that causes the reported
groupinfo truncations in 1.9.18.

Copy a mail that would be gated to a local newgroup to a file,
say mail. Then do:

[joerg@leviathan joerg]$ for i in /dev/*
> do
> /usr/local/bin/mail2news <mail &
> done

The & is important. No truncation occurs if only one mail2news is
running at a time. With the & present the truncation happened in
all of my ~10 tries. (The fact that one mail will be written to a
local newsgroup several times is a bug in itself, but already


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