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Re: [leafnode-list] Problem with texpire

Andre Noll <noll@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> same with me again. I took a closer look:
> bash > grep getxover texpire-sw.c 
>     if (!getxover(g->name)) {
>     getxover(g->name);
> bash > grep getxover leafnode-2.0b8/leafnode.h 
> int getxover( void );   /* set xoverinfo, return 0 on error, nonzero else */
> Shouldn't it be getxover() instead of getxover(g->name)?

Sort of. You need to chdir() into the proper


should be:

chdirgroup(g->name, 0);

BUT NOTE! I did not review if the old directory needs to be
restored. And what should happen if changing the directory/restoring the
xover info fails.

The paranoid, untested (may be overkill though) replacement version is
(abort is not optimal, but better dead than wreaking havoc)

  int olddir = open(".", O_RDONLY|O_DIRECTORY);

  if (olddir < 0) abort(); /* better: log error and die or continue */
  if (!chdirgroup(g->name, 0)) abort(); /* dito */
  if (!getxover()) abort(); /* dito */
  if (fchdir(olddir) < 0) abort(); /* dito */
  if (close(olddir) < 0) abort(); /* dito */

Matthias Andree

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