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[leafnode-list] Leafnode-1.9.19 released

Finally, after half a year, there is another bugfix release of leafnode-1.9.
If you look through the ChangeLog (available from the tarball or
http://www.leafnode.org/changes1.9.html#19) you'll find that there is
some feedback from the 2.0beta versions into 1.9. The fixes are mostly
minor and concern inconveniences that some of you may have encountered
while using the program (such as resetting the counters of newsgroups
after automatic unsubscription). Most fixes have been provided by others
(thank you very much!); see the ChangeLog for the individual contributions.

As usual, the program is available from http://www.leafnode.org/download.html
and will be soon available through the various mirrors. I am not sure
how popular metalab.unc.edu is nowadays as a depository, but I will
upload it there anyways.

For people who are tired of all the technical discussion that goes on
on this mailing list: I have created a leafnode-announce mailing list
with only very little traffic (i.e. the new announces). To submit
something, send email to leafnode-announce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx If you want
to be subscribed, send email to me (no special form required).


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