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Re: [leafnode-list] Problem with texpire

Thomas Koch wrote:

> Somethings goes wrong with my leafnode 2.0b8. One of the Newsgroups that
> I subscribed is de.alt.netdigest. In this Newsgroup I set an expire of
> 1000 days. The oldes article in this group is 300 days old. But every
> time I run texpire 1 article was expired.

There are two possibilities:

1) There is indeed one article that is expired.

2) texpire cannot count.

In any case, the good news is that Stefan Wiens has rewritten texpire
completely. I have put his version on my ftp server at
It is very likely that this version of texpire will also be contained in
leafnode from 2.0b9 on (don't ask me about the 2.0b9 release date, however).
I have been using it since May 3rd without any apparent problem and can
only recommend it because (1) it is indeed able to do a threaded expire,
and (2) it is considerably faster than the original texpire.

To use it, just download the source file, move it into your folder
(replace the original texpire.c with it) and do a "make texpire".
"texpire -V" will at the moment yield "texpire 2.0b_sw1".


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