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Re: [leafnode-list] Retriving only bodies

Cc-ed to the leafnode mailing list

Andrea Furin wrote:
> On Sun, 27 May 2001, otr wrote:
> > Patch against leafnode-1.9.18ma4, but works also for leafnode-1.9.1x
> > versions.
> > A precision:
> > After retrieving the selected bodies, run applyfilter to suppress the now
> > unwanted articles without bodies. (undocumented)
> >
> > Don't forget also to suppress the two lines:
> >           g->first = 1;
> >           g->last = 1;
> > (should be done in the next version 1.8.19...)
> >
> Thank you very much. I'm more or less a newbie to Linux, but I think to have
> either to recompile leafnode with your 'fetchnews.c' or to run applyfilter to
> suppress the now unwanted articles without bodies (and I don't know how);
> I've leafnode version 1.9.18, so it souldnot be necessary to suppress the two
> lines "g->first...". Is it right?

No, this is a potential bug not already corrected in 1.9.18 :-(.
- You have to run applyfilter _only_ if you want to suppress articles
without bodies, e.g., you retrieve the headers from alt.comp.blind-users and
alt.comp.hello-world, after choosing the articles* and doing the body
download (fetchnews -B...), there are already the non selected headers left
without bodies.
* You cannot unselect articles :-(, so you have to be careful...

If you want to suppress those articles, the only way without writing your
own program is to run applyfilter. (fetchnews -B don't do this job!)
% applyfilter -v alt.comp.blind-users
% applyfilter -v alt.comp.hello-world
will suppress the headers articles. (Your filter file can be left void :->).
( Ah, also the .overview file is not updated :-( but you can delete it :-) )

> PS
> How have I to do to recompile fetchnews adding your fetchnews.c?

To recompile fetchnews, you have to:
1/ Apply the patch to fetchnews.c
- Go to the source directory.
- save the mail, e.g. fetch_delaybody.patch. (do not paste, because there
are tab characters or use the switch -l...)
- apply the patch:
You will have some messages, because the patch is against 1.9.18ma4.
If there are no rejected parts, its OK.
% patch < fetch_delaybody.patch 
2/ Recompile the changed sources. (only one source file is new: fetchnews.c)
% make
This will rebuild fetchnews.
3/ Move (only) the new "fetchnews" executable into the executable directory.
4/ Then running fetchnews with delaybody=1 will work only with the -H
(header) or -B (body) options.


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