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Re: [leafnode-list] Re: Permissions

Matthias Andree wrote:
> Protecting the spool from direct read access (thus, forcing the user to
> go through nntpd) will have different advantages, however. 
> #1 We can play whatever games we like on the data base format. We could,
>    e. g., store the articles readily escaped (dots at line start) for
>    NNTP, and send them out using sendfile on Linux and FreeBSD. We would
>    save all the gory line-oriented reading and writing.

I don't know anything about sendfile, but my manpage says:

       sendfile is a new feature in Linux 2.2.

       Other  Unixes  often  implement  sendfile  with  different
       semantics  and  prototypes.  It  should  not  be  used  in
       portable programs.

> #2 When leafnode gets local groups that are restricted by user id (not
>    currently implemented), protecting the spool from the public may
>    become a necessity.

True. I did not think of that.


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