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Re: [leafnode-list] changing news servers

>>>>> "Cornelius" == Cornelius Krasel <krasel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Cornelius> Bob Koss wrote:
    >> >>>>> "Cornelius" == Cornelius Krasel
    >> <krasel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
    Cornelius> Hm. Leafnode does not store the article numbers of new
    Cornelius> servers.
    >>  How does it know what to fetch?

    Cornelius> I am afraid that I expressed myself in a wrong
    Cornelius> way. Certainly Leafnode stores article numbers, but it
    Cornelius> does so for each server separately (the numbers below
    Cornelius> are those for news.newsfeeds.com). These are the
    Cornelius> numbers of the first new article to fetch the next time
    Cornelius> fetchnews is invoked.

It doesn't seem to be behaving that way. See below.

    Cornelius> How does /var/spool/news/leaf.node/newsfeeds.com look
    Cornelius> like?
    >>  [root@thinkpad leaf.node]# cat news.newsfeeds.com
    >> comp.os.linux.misc 303004 alt.video.ptv.tivo 13101
    >> comp.sys.palmtops.pilot 127047 alt.cellular.verizon 8944
    >> comp.object 69509 comp.sys.laptops 185267 vmware.for-linux.misc
    >> 0 comp.os.linux.networking 198608 rec.travel.air 184670
    >> gnu.emacs.gnus 23914 comp.emacs.xemacs 34529
    >> misc.consumers.house 109803 comp.lang.c++.moderated 53113
    >> [root@thinkpad leaf.node]#
    >> What do these numbers represent? Should I set them all to 0 ?

    Cornelius> You can do that, but this will probably also cause a
    Cornelius> number of old articles to be fetched as well. It will
    Cornelius> also result in leafnode being on-line for a long time.

I can live with a one-time duplication of old news. And I have a cable 
modem so if it takes all day to fetch, I can live with that
also. These are minor pains compared to the grief that my old news
server was giving me.

    Cornelius> It may be better to do a fetchnews run with the
    Cornelius> -x parameter; i.e. do something like "fetchnews
    Cornelius> [options of your choice] -x 1000".

    Cornelius> If this still does not work, it may be necessary to
    Cornelius> create a debug log.

That didn't work.

I tried setting the number on just one of the groups in
news.newsfeeds.com to 0 (misc.consumers.house). That didn't cause it
to fetch either. Here's the output:

[root@thinkpad sbin]# ./fetchnews -vvv
1.9.14: verbosity level is 3
Trying to connect to news.newsfeeds.com ... connected.
Getting new newsgroups from news.newsfeeds.com
Read server info from /var/spool/news/leaf.node/news.newsfeeds.com
comp.os.linux.misc: no new articles
alt.video.ptv.tivo: no new articles
comp.sys.palmtops.pilot: no new articles
alt.cellular.verizon: no new articles
comp.object: no new articles
comp.sys.laptops: no new articles
comp.os.linux.networking: no new articles
rec.travel.air: no new articles
gnu.emacs.gnus: no new articles
comp.emacs.xemacs: no new articles
skipping articles 0-107803 inclusive (article limit)
misc.consumers.house: considering articles 109784-109804
misc.consumers.house: will fetch 109804 (<oPaN6.14984$d26.178482@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>)
misc.consumers.house: receiving article 109804 (0 more up in the air)
storing <oPaN6.14984$d26.178482@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>: misc.consumers.house
.as article 575 in misc.consumers.house
misc.consumers.house: 1 articles fetched, 0 killed
comp.lang.c++.moderated: considering articles 53129-53132

I also have a very hard time believing that there were no new articles 
in comp.sys.palmtops.pilot. That's a very heavy group.

Thank you for your patience with this.


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Senior Consultant      | Object Oriented Design, C++, Java
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