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Re: [leafnode-list] changing news servers

Bob Koss wrote:
> >>>>> "Cornelius" == Cornelius Krasel <krasel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>     Cornelius> Hm. Leafnode does not store the article numbers of new
>     Cornelius> servers.
> How does it know what to fetch?

I am afraid that I expressed myself in a wrong way. Certainly Leafnode
stores article numbers, but it does so for each server separately (the
numbers below are those for news.newsfeeds.com). These are the numbers
of the first new article to fetch the next time fetchnews is invoked.

>     Cornelius> How does /var/spool/news/leaf.node/newsfeeds.com look
>     Cornelius> like?
> [root@thinkpad leaf.node]# cat news.newsfeeds.com
> comp.os.linux.misc 303004
> alt.video.ptv.tivo 13101
> comp.sys.palmtops.pilot 127047
> alt.cellular.verizon 8944
> comp.object 69509
> comp.sys.laptops 185267
> vmware.for-linux.misc 0
> comp.os.linux.networking 198608
> rec.travel.air 184670
> gnu.emacs.gnus 23914
> comp.emacs.xemacs 34529
> misc.consumers.house 109803
> comp.lang.c++.moderated 53113
> [root@thinkpad leaf.node]# 
> What do these numbers represent? Should I set them all to 0 ?

You can do that, but this will probably also cause a number of old
articles to be fetched as well. It will also result in leafnode being
on-line for a long time. It may be better to do a fetchnews run with
the -x parameter; i.e. do something like "fetchnews [options of your
choice] -x 1000".

If this still does not work, it may be necessary to create a debug log.


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