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Re: [leafnode-list] msg-IDs get mixed

Michael Hoeller wrote:

> KNode does show what's in on loacalhost and the actions like get new
> article in Knode only works for loacalhost to knode. To really get new
> article I have to be root or news to run fetchnews. When I do that a  noraml
> user i(who is in the group news) I get the message "fetchnews must be run as
> news or root".  Is that correct?

Yes. You can use sudo to run fetchnews as a normal user (see the
leafnode FAQ on http://www.leafnode.org/). You can also put the
fetchnews invocation in ip-up; in that case fetchnews will run
after you have gone online.

> Can I have Knode run the fetchnews?


> I have delaybody=1 in my config and here is something strange: I have run
> fetchnews as root and got some headers displayed in knode (user). I marked
> the header of message 2 as to be downloaded. I rerun fetchnews and got on
> body but not under the header of messeag 2 - no I got the heade of msg(2)
> and the body now as message 3!

No; you get the full article as a new message. This makes it easier to
run fetchnews with sensible newsreaders which do not display articles
that have already been read. For example, it works fairly nicely with

In general, I think that using delaybody is fairly silly unless you read
a binary newsgroup with a lot of large articles of which you only want
to read very few. But then, this is only my personal opinion.


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