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Re: [leafnode-list] need help with cygwin port

Matthias Andree schrieb am 2001-05-07, 11:39:

> "Gerrit P. Haase" <gerrit.haase@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > Everytime nntpd (leafnode) is invoked, the directories are created new
> Where in the code does that happen?

miscutil.c (line 62): function 'initvars()'. 
This is always called in fetchnews at beginning of main().
Better would be to create them only new if there are none of them.

> > and the permission changes, so that leafnode couldn't write to its own
> > dirs, if invoked as root or as news, no difference.
> > I changed the permission now in the sources, so it should run now.
> What did you change the permissions to?

777, but it would be enough if there is read and write access 
for every user of the system.

> > One point is not clear to me, the hardlink issue.
> > 
> > It is a great difference, whether i got 40 MB on disk now, with three
> > groups, or 20 MB with three groups downloaded. 
> Sort of. In some newsgroups, crossposts are more frequent, and a link
> command that copies things will deteriorate performance. FAT isn't the
> killer anyways. In the end, it may actually work, but waste a lot of
> space; texpire will have to remove all the hard links on Unix as well,
> so effectively, every item (if hard linked to multiple filenames or not)
> will be collected and diposed of by texpire.

I asked cygwin support, on FAT hardlinks are 'emulated' say the files 
are copied. There you will have every crosspost as often as it is
> The actual data storage (fetchnews/nntpd) could possibly get away with
> symlinks instead, but texpire might then need changes as well, and it
> will lose some of its recovery capabilites (reinserting links will not
> be possible, and texpire would regularly have to dispose of broken
> symlinks to recover from FS corruption).

Well, then i would recommend, don't run leafnode on Win98, or buy a second
harddisk for the news...

> > I will upload the release candidate this evening, now i have to
> > work:-(
> Would you mind uploading a unified or context diff (diff -u preferred,
> but diff -c is also ok) as well?

No, i think i will be ready this evening, last week was not that much time.
> (Permission granted to quote "Note that C is not an abbreviation for
> Cool." in your signature as long my name is mentioned.)


> -- 
> Matthias Andree



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