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Re: [leafnode-list] rnews: bug or misunderstanding?

Raymond Scholz <rscholz@xxxxxx> writes:

> # cat /tmp/newsarticle.txt | rnews
> storearticle cannot open (null) for writing: Bad address
> Further debugging shows me, that in artutil.c:fgetheader(), the rewind
> function has no effect for the latter invokation of rnews.  

You cannot seek pipes.

> fgetheader is called twice in rnews.c:fprocessfile().  Thus searching
> Message-ID header starts at the article body and fails.  The man page
> tells me, that rnews is supposed to read from stdin.

That's a bug in rnews. rnews should be able to read from pipes, and
possibly should not rely on gzip, but use zlib instead (or pipe through

Thanks for the detailed report.

Matthias Andree

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