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[leafnode-list] rnews: bug or misunderstanding?


# rnews /tmp/newsarticle.txt


# rnews < /tmp/newsarticle.txt


# cat /tmp/newsarticle.txt | rnews
storearticle cannot open (null) for writing: Bad address


Further debugging shows me, that in artutil.c:fgetheader(), the rewind
function has no effect for the latter invokation of rnews.  fgetheader
is called twice in rnews.c:fprocessfile().  Thus searching Message-ID
header starts at the article body and fails.  The man page tells me,
that rnews is supposed to read from stdin.

Cheers, Ray
Raymond Scholz - rscholz@xxxxxxxx - PGP - http://www.zonix.de/

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