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Re: [leafnode-list] Order of downloading groups

Jeffrey Hyche wrote:
> Cornelius Krasel wrote:
>> For example, you can copy ".../interesting.groups" to somewhere else (to
>> have a backup), then remove all entries ("rm .../interesting.groups/*")
>> and create them anew in the order that you want to have (with "touch").
> Would this work?  I was under the impression that leafnode downloaded the
> groups in the order that it found them in the directory or in alphabetical
> order.

If you follow the recipe above, the entries are in the directory
in the order you invoked the "touch" commands. Therefore, Leafnode
will fetch them in that order.

Leafnode does not do alphabetical sorting (what would it be good for?).
If it appears that your newsgroups are received in alphabetical order,
this is coincidence resulting from the fact that most news servers
nowadays return an alphabetically sorted list of newsgroups if asked
for the list (leafnode itself does so as well). However, there is no
requirement that this list has indeed to be sorted.


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