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Re: [leafnode-list] need help for a chroot jail

I have build the hole directorytree, leafnode need (i hope so) in my chroot
jail is etc, bin, lib ,var, dev and usr. I have a shell and theire libaries
in the jail, and i have made several device nodes in the jail. The
chrootscript I wrote is startet from inetd and the script start the chroot

Jörg Bogenrieder

SyTech Schuler GmbH
Im Kammerbrühl 28
88212 Ravensburg

Tel.: +49 (0)751/3606-470
Fax: +49 (0)751/3606-490

I'm not sure what you set up and how, but you may need several libraries
and device nodes in the chroot jail. Try running the chroot script from
tcpd, not the other way round. Finally, you'll definitely need a copy of
/etc/leafnode in the chroot jail.

In the long run, get rid of inetd and get a real super-server. inetd is

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