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Re: [leafnode-list] New Work In Progress Snapshot of 2.0b8_ma series

Cornelius Krasel schrieb am Mittwoch, den 09. Mai 2001:

> As far as I can see, the nntpd never supported XGTITLE (the only
> indication being the line
> /*  printf("  xgtitle [group_pattern]\r\n"); */
> in dohelp() which is clearly not used :-). Fetchnews, on the other
> hand, supports XGTITLE, and I have come across a few rather exotic news
> *servers* (sorry, don't remember their names) which indeed yielded
> a sensible result for an XGTITLE query.
> I have not looked at the code yet so I don't know whether Matthias is
> indeed talking about the nntpd (implied by his question above) or
> fetchnews and where he dropped the XGTITLE support.

Ooops. There was a confusion I didn't see this morning. I removed
XGTITLE from fetchnews, Jörg talked about nntpd, and I didn't even
notice. Must have been a different person this morning ;-)

> If we are talking about XGTITLE support in fetchnews, one could discuss
> whether it would be sensible to use LIST NEWSGROUP first and fall back
> to XGTITLE later. However, news servers that use XGTITLE will most
> likely not parse LIST NEWSGROUP correctly and return the list of all
> newsgroups, so this is likely to result in more traffic.

Why should they support LIST NEWSGROUPS when they have XGTITLE after
all? Who needs XGTITLE rather than LIST NEWSGROUPS?

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