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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode port to cygwin

"Gerrit P. Haase" <gerrit.haase@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> O.k., i got a new patch. I fiddled also a little bit at the Makefile.in
> to get a nice install on Cygwin, don't forget to set a prefix!
> I like more prefix=/usr as /usr/local, don't ask why.

Some comments on the patch. It'd be better designed in a way that it can
be merged with mainstream leafnode later on, but some of your changes
prevent that.


1. use an EXESUFFIX macro instead of pouring .exe suffices with a
   cornucopia, you could write EXESUFFIX= for unix and EXESUFFIX=.exe
   for CygWin (possibly automatically from autoconf)

2. Don't use numeric attributes to install -o or -g. If you want the
   user and groups configurable at make install time, use Makefile
   variables with defaults.

3. That you're changing the spooldir to mode 777 is strange to me and
   indicates there's a problem with user ids in a different part of your
   port. Don't do that. Don't remove the setgid flag on the directory


3. above also applies to programs. 777 is strange, should be 775. Did
   you create proper passwd and group files? I can hardly image that
   CygWin requires every directory to be world writable. You wouldn't
   want that on shares.

4. I'm not sure what variable CygWin sets, use #ifdef and that variable
   rather than adjusting things hard.

5. You may want to avoid blanks in file names, but rather use the
   underscore character (_).

Matthias Andree

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