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Re: [leafnode-list] need help with cygwin port

Matthias Andree <ma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Alexander Reinwarth <alexander@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> As XEmacs, which has a code base which is slightly larger than
>> leafnode's, has been ported to cygwin I do not see a reason not to try
>> it.

> NTEmacs? Is that a native port or a CygWin port?

No, NTEmacs is AFAIK a native port of an elderly version of the FSF
Emacs to MS Windows.

I was talking about XEmacs, which can be compiled in the cygwin
environment as well as a native application using the MS compiler,
using the usual source-tar-balls. (Thanks to an active development
team on that platform.) 

I have never compiled it natively, but I regularly compile XEmacs for
the cygwin-environment as I try to keep my version here as close to
the bleeding edge as my time allows it.

Please have a look at http://www.xemacs.org/faq/xemacs-faq.html#SEC274
if you are interested in more information on the different emacsen in
the land of the evil.

>> Btw: I presently use Hamster on a laptop my company handed over to me
>> and I must say that it is really one of the most reliable pieces of
>> software I saw running on a windows-machine. 

> That's good. Would your company allow a dual-boot notebook? Some do.

Yes, they do and actually this machine _is_ dual-boot win2k/debian.

Unfortunately, dual boot turned out to be not a good choince for *me*
on *that* machine *at* *the* *moment*, because

a) I need some software for my work I can only get for windows, AIX
   and Solaris/Sparc and 

b) even if I have a Linux-version of such software it made me very
   unproductive to regularly reboot that machine to use the other
   ones. (Being a laptop it is also my mobile development machine. I
   do have two of them (one being a pure Linux-box), but I hate taking
   more than one with me while travelling.) 

c) Running those apps in a virtual machine makes them _really_ slow. I
   would not gain much time compared to regularly rebooting ;)

If the circumstances were different, I would definitely not use
voluntarily a windows based machine, but at the moment as sad as it
may be I regard it necessary. (Hopefully the project is soon over ;)
But as long as the circumstances last I make myself as much at home as
possible. And I definitely need a decent shell, the GNU-tools and a
working XEmacs/Gnus/News-/Mail-Server to make the machine homely.

And if leafnode worked there, I would feel even more at home, so I
hope Gerrit makes it.

BTW: We (well, I) kind of left the topic of the list a little bit. ;)
Feel free to mail me privately if you are interested in further
details which are not of interest to others.


To boldly frobnicate what no newbie has grokked before. - http://my.gnus.org

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