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Re: [leafnode-list] need help with cygwin port

"Gerrit P. Haase" <gerrit.haase@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Everytime nntpd (leafnode) is invoked, the directories are created new

Where in the code does that happen?

> and the permission changes, so that leafnode couldn't write to its own
> dirs, if invoked as root or as news, no difference.
> I changed the permission now in the sources, so it should run now.

What did you change the permissions to?

> One point is not clear to me, the hardlink issue.
> It is a great difference, whether i got 40 MB on disk now, with three
> groups, or 20 MB with three groups downloaded. 

Sort of. In some newsgroups, crossposts are more frequent, and a link
command that copies things will deteriorate performance. FAT isn't the
killer anyways. In the end, it may actually work, but waste a lot of
space; texpire will have to remove all the hard links on Unix as well,
so effectively, every item (if hard linked to multiple filenames or not)
will be collected and diposed of by texpire.

The actual data storage (fetchnews/nntpd) could possibly get away with
symlinks instead, but texpire might then need changes as well, and it
will lose some of its recovery capabilites (reinserting links will not
be possible, and texpire would regularly have to dispose of broken
symlinks to recover from FS corruption).

> I will upload the release candidate this evening, now i have to
> work:-(

Would you mind uploading a unified or context diff (diff -u preferred,
but diff -c is also ok) as well?

In a directory of your choice, make two subdirectories, possibly
leafnode-1.9.18-gph1 and leafnode-1.9.18, place your port into the gph1
subdirectory, unpack the original tar.gz into leafnode-1.9.18, and then
run (GNU diff here): diff -Nur leafnode-1.9.18 leafnode-1.9.18-gph1. 

Order is important: diff [options] OLD NEW.

If you did not add files, you can safely omit the N. If you did not
change anything in subdirectories, you can also omit the r.

> Yep, i do it for fun, a i want to learn unix and c and all that stuff.

You want to learn Unix? Get a Solaris and a *BSD box
(FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD) and see how the worlds differ from each other

Cornelius mentioned APUE several times, I believe that's the book
"Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment". It's claimed to be one
of the Unix bibles. I don't recall the author, might be Stevens.

To learn C, there has been Only One Real Book for a long time: Brian
W. Kernighan/Dennis M. Ritchie, The C Programming Language, 2nd Edition:
ANSI C. It might slowly move out of date as C99 standards are lying
around, but I think, that book still is fine to learn C, it's been
translated to a lot of languages (The German translation is called
"Programmieren in C").

Note that C is not an abbreviation for Cool. C is a low-level language
and it's giving you headaches frequently. It lets many bugs slip
through. It's easy to abuse. It's nothing more than a good-looking,
optimizing macro assembler with automatic register allocation and
implicit stack allocation and function calls. C does not do "deep
copies" of structures, you need to copy them on your own (memcpy or

(Permission granted to quote "Note that C is not an abbreviation for
Cool." in your signature as long my name is mentioned.)

Matthias Andree

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