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Re: [leafnode-list] need help with cygwin port

Alexander Reinwarth schrieb am 2001-05-07, 7:44:


> Matthias Andree <ma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > "Gerrit P. Haase" <gerrit.haase@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> >> Matthias Andree schrieb am 2001-05-05, 4:09:
> > I don't object to ports of a good shell and FSF utilities to
> > Windows, vim is a nice fellow, but you simply cannot do everything
> > with Windows that you can with a Real Unix.
> Well, I, being not involved in the leafnode-development and not
> knowing the sources, regard cygwin as just another platform leafnode
> could run on, if someone takes his time and tries to port it.
> As XEmacs, which has a code base which is slightly larger than
> leafnode's, has been ported to cygwin I do not see a reason not to try
> it.

Thanks, i am ready with the port. Got some little problems with the 
Everytime nntpd (leafnode) is invoked, the directories are created new
and the permission changes, so that leafnode couldn't write to its own
dirs, if invoked as root or as news, no difference.
I changed the permission now in the sources, so it should run now.
One point is not clear to me, the hardlink issue.

It is a great difference, whether i got 40 MB on disk now, with three
groups, or 20 MB with three groups downloaded. 

I asked at the cygwin list, we'll see what is the point.
I fear, it will not work on Win98, because the 'real' hardlinks there 
are not supported. So if you got a posting, it will be copied to
the second dir and you got it twice.

I will upload the release candidate this evening, now i have to work:-(
> >>> Did you evaluate "Hamster"?
> >> No, i'm not able to build it myself, because it is pascal, i don't 
> >> like delphi/pascal.
> > You're supposed to see if it does the job instead of leafnode, not if
> > you like its programming language. Hamster is claimed to actually work
> > on Windows natively... and if it's done in Delphi, what's the problem
> > with that?
> Well, it is Gerrit's time which is spent on the port, so why don't we
> let him decide if it is worth it? ;)

Yep, i do it for fun, a i want to learn unix and c and all that stuff.
> Btw: I presently use Hamster on a laptop my company handed over to me
> and I must say that it is really one of the most reliable pieces of
> software I saw running on a windows-machine. Yet, as I heavily use the
> cygwin environment, I had preferred to install leafnode there. Call me
> lazy, but I would have liked to avoid learning to configure yet
> another news-server.

I will try it someday...
> >> only way to survive is NT with cygwin on top.
> Yup.
> Alexander




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