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Re: [leafnode-list] Re: no X-Posts with 2.0b8_ma-pre3-WIP-post-20010427-3

Raymond Scholz <rscholz@xxxxxx> writes:

> Matthias Andree <ma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > No, it crashes because of the leading space (it gives free() a pointer
> > it has modified after obtaining it from strdup),
> Sure?

No longer. I only looked at the 

        while (isspace((unsigned char) *p))

but did not look below at the p = q. Anyways, the fix corrects both

> I just tried
> Newsgroups: fb3.test, stuga.test

b0rken ----------------^ excess blank in newsgroups list

> Newsgroups: fb3.test,stuga.test


> Newsgroups:fb3.test,stuga.test

b0rken ------^  lacks blank after header name.

> within Gnus and bare, handwritten NNTP - all with the same result.
> Nevertheless, your patch fixes the problem.

I added a validator to my current copy to prevent slrn users from
sending out b0rken Newsgroups: headers.

> > this patch fixes this particular crash, but you'd better fix your
> > newsreader:
> Gnus already quietly removes spaces from the Newsgroups header (see
> function message-cleanup-headers in message.el).  You should try Gnus,
> it makes a great tool for reading news and mail :)

That's why I did not test this with Gnus (5.8.8 here, as can be seen
from my mail headers unless BeroList junks them). tin 1.4.4 refused to
post and offered that I re-edit the posting. slrn tried to post
without warning, and caused problems, but this allowed me to debug and
test the fix :-)

Matthias Andree

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