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Re: [leafnode-list] need help with cygwin port

"Gerrit P. Haase" <gerrit.haase@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> 3. You have quoted it above: 'fetchnews is not writing to disk'
>    the message id's '<slrn92k8e1.5ki.l.ertl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>'
>    couldn't be written to disk.

There is not strerror component or errno code, that's why I claim you
didn't show the error. 

>    How were they written in Linux? with '<' and '>' in the name?

Yes. (For porting work, setting up an actual Linux or BSD machine may be
a *very* good idea, even if it's only a virtual machine in vmware or the

Full filename example:

Note these have the same inode number and allocate space once (you
cannot do that on FAT, cygwin's link just copies the file on FAT).

> You may take a look at cygwin's user guide:
> http://www.cygwin.com/cygwin-api/std-posix.html

"Win32 file systems are case preserving but case insensitive.  Cygwin
does not currently support case distinction because, in practice, few
UNIX programs actually rely on it.  While we could mangle file names to
support case distinction, this would add unnecessary overhead to the
library and make it more difficult for non-Cygwin applications to access
those files.

Symbolic links are emulated by files containing a magic cookie followed
by the path to which the link points.  They are marked with the System
attribute so that only files with that attribute have to be read to
determine whether or not the file is a symbolic link.  Hard links are
fully supported under Windows NT on NTFS file systems.  On a FAT file
system, the call falls back to simply copying the file, a strategy that
works in many cases."

How does cygwin get a proper st_nlink for hard links if it copies the

Matthias Andree

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