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Re: [leafnode-list] need help with cygwin port

Matthias Andree schrieb am 2001-05-05, 13:48:

> That's a program, not a system call. See below.

O.k, thats right.
> > > - atomicity of link(2)
> > 
> > ..Hmmm, i'm missing that on my box...
> So how about POSIX compliance in CygWin when the underlying file system
> lacks the necessary semantics? ln(1) can't compensate for link(2),
> because it relies on link(2)... in the material you quoted. You'd better
> read carefully and think about what you've just read before you quote
> entire manual pages.

If it relies on link(2), then link(2) is there...or not?
You should learn more about NT, as i should learn more about unix.

> BTW, not mentioned in my last mail: leafnode relies on mtime AND atime
> (and them being distinct), but at least VFAT has no notion of separate
> access, modification and creation times either. Not sure about NTFS.

NTFS is o.k.

> > > - atomicity of rename(2)
> > 
> > rename(3)                                               rename(3)
> Ah. Well... POSIX has:
> rename (2)           - change the name or location of a file
> That's a syscall, not a library hack.

rename(3) is from newlib and it is a library hack...didn't you read it,
i quoted the full manpage.

> Because NTFS lacks link(2) functionality, like VFAT. You did not mention
> where exactly fetchnews failed. You did not show error messages.

Not true.
> Haha. Stress that properly: Cygwin is a *NEARLY* complete POSIX layer,
> it *SHOULD* work. But it doesn't, and it's presumably not Cygwin's
> fault, and it's not leafnode's fault either. Windows lacks features that
> CygWin would have to rely on for proper POSIX semantics.

There are only some problems with implementing the threads, but 
they are nearly complete. It will last some days, but at the end 
there will be full posix compatibility, whether you guys believe 
it or not.

Unix is 30 years old and a little bit out of date.
Linux is a 10 year old copy of a 30 year old system and it lacks
at the same points as unix does...
> I don't object to ports of a good shell and FSF utilities to Windows,
> vim is a nice fellow, but you simply cannot do everything with Windows
> that you can with a Real Unix.

I don't want to do everything, i only want to port leafnode.

Why are you so 'friendly', why don't you try to help me?

so long,



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