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[leafnode-list] need help with cygwin port

Hi leafnoders,

i try to do a port of leafnode to cygwin.
I found one message, a year old, where Tony Evans
described his try of porting it with cygwin.


Well it is nearly the same for me, now with version
1.9.18 of leafnode and 1.3-1 of cygwin1.dll.
I think cygwin has much improvement since last year,
so it works besides the timezone and getopt.h issues.

I got no crashes, though it works not 100% correct.

I am on a WinNT4.0 box here.
I'm not sure at the moment if i should try to use
the security model of cygwin, which works only on NT.
At first, i don't know if it works on Win98, if we must
have a user called 'news'.
For the first time, i commented it out and tried to use
it with every user.

'fetchnews' fetchs the groupslist from the server and
i could contact 'leafnode' with my newsreader. I get
the placeholder and the same moment, an entry in
'interesting.groups' is generated.
Now I start fetchnews again and it contacts the server to 
fetch the message ID's, it sorts out what is too old.
Now it tries to store the messages at disk, but it fails.

Fails with every message it tries to load down.

I thought it is an issue with the permissions, but i'm not
sure. I created an user named news, because 'fetchnews' 
won't do anything without it. 

I'll try now to build again.

If anyone wants to test the first shot:
http://familiehaase.dynu.com/docs/leafnode-1.9.18/source&binary/ ->
-> leafnode-1.9.18-1-cygwin-1.3.tar.gz



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