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Re: [leafnode-list] 1.9.19 status

On Wed, 2 May 2001 15:00:07 +0200 (CEST), Cornelius Krasel wrote:

>Alessio Bragadini wrote:
>> If I post a message in a moderated newsgroup and the message is being
>> held by the moderator (either a person or a robot as it's common under
>> the it.* hierarchy), the next fetchnews will try to submit the message
>> again.
>Why? Usually the message should be removed from the out.going directory
>once it has been successfully "posted" (i.e. if fetchnews gets a "240"
>return code after sending the "."). This will not happen, however, if
>there is another server waiting.
At least 2.0b8 doesn't do that. 
_Each_ posted message stays in out.going
after the first posting, even if the remote server replies 
with "240". In addition it is linked to the failed.posting 
directory, although the msg is already at the remote server. 
  It is removed from out.going at the next posting attempt,
because that msg-id is already in use. 

>I think in the long term the best solution will be the one proposed
>some time ago by Matthias Andree, namely that there have to be
>subdirectories in the /var/spool/news/out.going/ directory, one for each
>news server. These subdirectories would have to be created by the
>nntpd. Articles for posting should be stored in these subdirectories.
>Upon posting, fetchnews would examine each subdirectory for each server
>and delete articles from the subdirectories (1) if the server returns
>201 upon connection (2) if an article has been successfully posted.
>There is also the problem that an article to a moderated newsgroup
>should only be injected through a single server; otherwise the moderator
>will receive multiple copies of the article if this is not prevented
>by some other means.

How is the status of postings to moderated groups? 
I heard rumours it is not working. 

Volker Apelt               Group of Prof. Dr. Ch. Griesinger
                           Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universitaet
                           Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

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