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Re: [leafnode-list] patch to get rid of "Reading new newsgroups failed" message

Andrey Khavryuchenko <akhavr@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I use news.gnus.org to fetch gnus.ding newsgroup.  The later server is
> misconfigured as I've mentioned earlier here (AFAIR :)

This one?

newgroups 010101 000000 GMT
503 Cannot open newsgroup date file.

I just sent a plea to usenet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to fix that.

> So, tired from seeing 
>         Reading new newsgroups failed
> message in my mail and logs, I've managed to produce such rude patch
> (below).  It adds -q switch which makes fetchnews quiet about such server
> misconfiguration.

The patch is clean from what I can see at the moment, but I will not
take it into my -ma series. 

leafnode does not analyse and track errors properly in all
circumstances, and I don't think discarding just the error message would
be good. 

You can always use grep -v when viewing or analyzing the logs if you
want to discard it. 

The user should know why new newsgroups don't arrive sooner as the full
active fetch. (fetchnews should rather log the complete error line that
the server returned.)

Matthias Andree
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