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[leafnode-list] Multiple upstream servers

I've recently started using leafnode/fetchnews. Everything seems to be
running, my cron job fires off fetchnews and loads news groups etc. But there
seems to be a problem with how many posts are fetched or something.

For instance, one of my servers happens to serve only one newsgroup. I have
subscribed to the group and can post to it, but I never see the posting
because none of the articles are fetched. Fetchnews -vvv says "considering
articles ...." but never fetches.

On other groups with other servers, I might only get half the available
articles. If I connect my reader directly to the server, there are 500
articles, but through my leafnode server only 250.

Also, since a couple of my upstream servers have overlapping groups, is it
possible to tell fetchnews to use the group off one server instead of
another? One of my upstream servers is much faster and I'd prefer to use it.
I tried listing it first, but that doesn't seem to help.

Thank you for any help.

Chris Rehm
If you believe that the best technology wins the
marketplace, you haven't been paying attention.

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