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Re: [leafnode-list] Unexpected behaviour of fetchnews -vvv

Alan Mckenzie wrote:

> [leafnode 1.9.19 on Linux]
> In the last day or two, I've been seeing strange output on my screen on
> typing fetchnews -vvv:  The following is a sample:


> rec.juggling: receiving article 65829 (6 more up in the air)
> storing <datachow-2908010820340001@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> rec.juggling
> .as article 24037 in rec.juggling
> .as article 24038 in rec.juggling
> .as article 24039 in rec.juggling
> .as article 24040 in rec.juggling
> What is unexpected is the lack of lines like "storing <...>" between
> the "..as article ..... in rec.juggling".

This means that fetchnews first attempted to store the article as 24037
(because - according to the groupinfo file - this should be the first
free number) but already found an article with this number present. In
this case, it adds one to the article number, tries again. Well, seems
24038 is also already present, therefore the whole process is repeated
unless a free number is found.

So, there is nothing to be worried about, and it should be fixed after
the next run of fetchnews or texpire (except if one of those crashes).


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