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[leafnode-list] Unexpected behaviour of fetchnews -vvv

[leafnode 1.9.19 on Linux]

In the last day or two, I've been seeing strange output on my screen on
typing fetchnews -vvv:  The following is a sample:

comp.editors: 8 articles fetched, 0 killed
rec.juggling: considering articles 65782-65835
rec.juggling: will fetch 65829
rec.juggling: will fetch 65830
rec.juggling: will fetch 65831 (<GIu257.56G@xxxxxxxxxxx>)
rec.juggling: will fetch 65832 (<9mj3mv$2eq$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>)
rec.juggling: will fetch 65833
rec.juggling: will fetch 65834
rec.juggling: will fetch 65835 (<3b8d2af0.26062095@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>)
rec.juggling: receiving article 65829 (6 more up in the air)
storing <datachow-2908010820340001@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
.as article 24037 in rec.juggling
.as article 24038 in rec.juggling
.as article 24039 in rec.juggling
.as article 24040 in rec.juggling

What is unexpected is the lack of lines like "storing <...>" between
the "..as article ..... in rec.juggling".

However, as far as I can see (cursory inspection of
.../rec/juggling/.overview and ..../rec/juggling/24037, etc), the
articles seem to have correctly entered my spool.

This seems to be happening in all newsgroups, has just started happening
very recently (? yesterday).  My /var/spool/news partition has plenty of
room (~ 1Gb) in it.  The only thing strange which happened yesterday is
that some clueless idiot sent me a 1.4 Mbtyte email (with four .pdf
attachments :-().

I'm worried.  Should I be?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Alan Mackenzie (Munich, Germany)

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