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Re: [leafnode-list] 2 leafnode features?

Felix Karpfen <felixk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> These are <observation/queries> from an aging Linux Newbie, who has just
> managed to get Leafnode to work.
> My first call to leafnode 1.9.18 to download sample headers of my
> selected newsgroups worked perfectly.  However the group-window, as
> displayed by slrn, also listed 6 new groups that I had not requested
> (marked as new).  Is this a Leafnode feature?  And, if so, how can I
> disable it?

If it has groups that only contain a pseudo article or articles
crossposted from other groups, you cannot disable this.

> Secondly - and this has been commented on in the leafnode FAQs -
> leafnode is slower than leafnode 2.0++.  However, leafnode's attraction for
> me is its ability to `delaybodies' download.  What are my chances of
> getting the best of both worlds?

Currently, there is no recommendation. I haven't yet taken the time to
adapt my XOVER client-side patch to 1.9.19.

Matthias Andree
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