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Re: [leafnode-list] controlling which users who can access

At 06:35 31-07-01, you wrote:

>I have a labtop that i want to use to read newsgroups from my own server,
>but i dont want anyone else using it, since i dont have much space on my
>I tried to move it to another port, but the only guide i could find was for
>inetd, and i am running xinetd.

In the leafnode-part of your /etc/xinetd.conf or in /etc/xinetd.d/leafnode 
(depending on your system, put

         Only-from       = <IP of your machine>

 From `man xinetd.conf`:

        only_from        determines the remote hosts to which the 
particular  ser­
                         vice  is  available.  Its value is a list of IP 
                         which can be specified in any combination of 
the  follow­
                         ing ways:

                         a)   a numeric address in the form of %d.%d.%d.%d. 
If the
                              rightmost components 
are  0,  they  are  treated  as
                              wildcards  (for  example, 
matches all
                              hosts on the 
128.138.12  subnet).  matches
                              all Internet addresses.

                         b)   a    factorized    address    in    the 
form   of
                              %d.%d.%d.{%d,%d,...}.  There is no 
need  for  all  4
                              components  (i.e.  %d.%d.{%d,%d,...%d}  is 
also ok).
                              However, the factorized part must be at 
the  end  of
                              the address.

                         c)   a network name (from /etc/networks)

                         d)   a host name.  When a connection is made to 
xinetd, a
                              reverse lookup is performed, and the 
canonical  name
                              returned  is  compared  to  the specified 
host name.
may  also  use  domain  names  in  the  form  of
                              .domain.com.   If the reverse lookup of the 
                              IP is within .domain.com, a match occurs.

                         e)   an  ip  address/netmask  range  in   the 
form   of

                         Specifying  this attribute without a value makes 
the ser­
                         vice available to nobody.

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