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Re: [leafnode-list] controlling which users who can access

Thomas D. Kryger wrote:
> I was just wondering if there are any way to control which users who can
> access leafnode?

Not with the 1.9x version. With the 2.0 beta you can use name/password-
based authorization.

> I have a labtop that i want to use to read newsgroups from my own server,
> but i dont want anyone else using it, since i dont have much space on my
> harddrive.

Dependent on which IP your laptop has you could restrict access to your
server by IP number, as done with the tcpwrappers. I am not an expert on
how to use xinetd but maybe somebody else on this list may be able to
help you.

Moving to another port does not restrict access to your server but is
an example of "security through obscurity" which I would not recommend:
if anybody finds out about your server running leafnode on a different
port he or she can abuse it.


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