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[leafnode-list] A question concerning multiple news servers


News server A carrying various hierarchies
News server B also carrying various hierarchies, plus one (Q) which 
is only available from news server B.

Obviously I can set LeafNode to access both news servers, but is 
there a way I can prevent it from attempting to offer messages for Q 
to news server A, and prevent it from attempting to offer messages 
which aren't in the Q hierarchy to news server B?

I don't especially want to run two leafnodes on seperate ports, with 
seperate configs and storage areas, but I can see that might be 

TIA for any help,

Carl C. Inglis - uther@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
"..as to who I am now, if you're prompted to ask: I'm the ghost of my
future and the sum of my past." - Talis Kimberly, Small Mended
Corners, Archetype Cafe

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