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Re: [leafnode-list] Please help

Hi, Antal,

"webmaster" <webmaster@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Sorry for using the webmaster account, but was signed as Antal, my christian
> name.
> Leafnode seemed a quick working solution: to provide some people an open
> forum on some common issue. As for the future Leafnode it also seems to be
> good.
> I use 2.08b just as a local group - planned to work with Outlook Express.
> but new posts do not retrieve - although are deletet by texpire
> /var/log/news/news.debug:
> - local.group expire 992923201, low water mark 3, high water mark 4
> [2021]: deleted article /var/spool/news/local/group/3

The log excerpt is too short to get useful info out of it; however, Jörg
Dietrich had made a patch for 2.0b8 to get local newsgroups working (it
lacked the creation of group directorys), that may be what you're
running into (it's just a guess however), I keep a copy of his mail
including the patch at:


1. Download dietrich-2.0b8-fix-localpost.patch

   optionally, review that file with the "more" or "less" command or
   your favourite text editor in read-only-mode, it's plain text

2. cd to your leafnode 2.0b8 source code directory

3. patch -p0 </where/you/downloaded/dietrich-2.0b8-fix-localpost.patch

4. make

5. as root, make install

Matthias Andree

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