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Re: [leafnode-list] Please help

Hi List & Matthias,
Sorry for using the webmaster account, but was signed as Antal, my christian
Leafnode seemed a quick working solution: to provide some people an open
forum on some common issue. As for the future Leafnode it also seems to be
I use 2.08b just as a local group - planned to work with Outlook Express.

but new posts do not retrieve - although are deletet by texpire
- local.group expire 992923201, low water mark 3, high water mark 4
[2021]: deleted article /var/spool/news/local/group/3

Leisen Antal
Kreorg Oktatóközpont
Tel/Fax: 321-0031
emai: antal.leisen@xxxxxxxxx

Kreorg Oktatóközpont
Tel/Fax: 321-0031
email: webmaster@xxxxxxxxx

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