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Re: [leafnode-list] 2.0b8_ma3 leafnode very slow

Matthias Andree <ma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> John Covici <covici@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> Its so slow that its almost useless.
>> It took about 10 minutes to read about 400k according to gnus which is
>> what I am using to read the news.
>> The official 2.08b was much much faster.
> Well, I looked again, after my initial reply, and found that on my
> machine, leafnode was operating in line-buffered mode, for whatever
> reason (it did not request that). 

Does it indeed see isatty(1)!=0?

With 2.0b8, I can see no significant difference between line-buffered
and full-buffered mode, no matter if connected directly to a terminal
or to a socket (Nagle algorithm), besides slightly increased CPU

Another possible reason for slow XOVER response:
There is a significant overhead when executing findxover() with
debug>0. There is an IMHO unnecessary check for correct ordering,
which might better be done when parsing the .overview file, making
qsort() unnecessary in most cases.


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