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Re: [leafnode-list] groupinfo truncation in 2.0b8_ma8?

Tim Dodge schrieb am Dienstag, den 01. Januar 2002:

> I've been trying out 2.0b8_ma8 over the last couple of days and have
> noticed some weird behaviour.
> It built fine on my Slackware 8.0 box, and when I run fetchnews
> everything seems okay - my groupinfo file appears to contain all the
> groups on the upstream servers I use.
> But when leafnode or texpire is run, the groupinfo file gets truncated
> at about 4500ish groups. All the groups I read come after this
> alphabetically and the two newsreaders I use (pan and gravity) report
> that the newsgroups aren't available on the server.

Hum, I'm using Gnus here on that version, no troubles so far:

$ wc -l /var/spool/leafnode/leaf.node/groupinfo
  25864 /var/spool/leafnode/leaf.node/groupinfo

> This is the first 2.0 beta I've tried - before this I was running 1.9.19
> without any problems.
> Any idea how I can fix this?

Not quite, because the bug is not known yet. Could you do the following:

1- run fetchnews, make a copy of your
/var/spool/news/leaf.node/groupinfo outside /var/spool/news

2- run leafnode or texpire until truncation, make a copy with different
name outside /var/spool/news

3- check if there are ANY log file entries, maybe save your news-syslog

4- gzip both of the files, maybe also the log file, and mail them to me
privately (not to the list, it does not really support attachments)

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