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[leafnode-list] /etc/leafnode/config problems with ma8

I'm upgrading from 2.0b8, and I appear to have this problem with the config

On 07 Oct 2001, ma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Volker Apelt <volker_apelt@xxxxxxxx> writes:

>> #2 
>> fetchnews complaints about displaced config entries.  
>> [Part of  /var/log/news/news.info (host, time and pid stripped)]
>> fetchnews[..]: config: "expire=100" found in section of server news.cis.dfn.de, please move it to the top of any server declaration
>> . and many others ...
>> Does that mean that /etc/leafnode/config should be rearranged ?

> Yes, the configuration file parser is now aware of the scope of an
> option. Put all global parameters first and the group-specific
> below. The rearranged config file can still be read by older leafnode
> versions, so that is harmless.

>> Currently it has the same order as the config.example file.

> I will have to fix this.

I assume the config.example order has been changed - it certainly has been
altered from Volker's original

I'm now running
200 Leafnode NNTP daemon, version 2.0b8_ma8 at 
But I get

Unknown config line "expire=20" ignored
Unknown config line "initialfetch=100" ignored
Unknown config line "timeout_long=10" ignored

diff /etc/leafnode/config.example /etc/leafnode/config
< # initialfetch = 100
> initialfetch = 100
< # timeout_long = 7
> timeout_long = 10
< # create_all_links = 1
> create_all_links = 1
< # filterfile = /etc/leafnode/filterfile
> filterfile = /etc/leafnode/filters
< server = news.hiof.no
> server = <my server snipped!>

Maybe there should be something in the upgrade info in README.html about
the order (when I find what it should be!)

And if I try the example (exactly as in the distro downloaded this morning)
file - just to check if the order was ok 

sudo -u news /usr/local/sbin/fetchnews -vvv -f -F ./config.example 
Unknown config line "expire=20" ignored
Unknown config line "server=news.hiof.no" ignored
no expire declaration in config file
fetchnews: no servers found in configuration file.

Robert Marshall

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