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Re: [leafnode-list] report on .rpm build of v2.0b8_ma7.6pre

On 03 Jan 2002 02:15:17 +0100 Matthias Andree <ma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Volker Apelt <volker_apelt@xxxxxxxx> writes:
> > I'd like to share my experiences with 
> > rpm builds and leafnode v2.x. 
> > 
> > In addition to the rpm fixes, I changed the behavior of error
> > output during initvars(progname).  
> > 
> > This was neccessary to have an error log on failed uid changes 
> > in leafnode when it is started as server from tcpd.
> How can that happen? Misconfiguration of inetd.conf?

Sort of.  It was a combination of operator error (suid),
SuSE being 'helpfull' in setting permissions (lockfile)
for /var/lock when yast is run  and leafnode not saying
loud why it failed (ln_log).

In addition to the Suse documentation in /usr/share/..., 
Suse has its lockfiles for news in  /var/spool/news/.
They set /var/lock to  root.uucp   drwxrwxr-x   and have 
a separate lockfile directory /var/spool/news/
writable for news only.  Without a SuSE patch leafnode uses 
the usual lock file in /var/spool/fetchnews.lck and failes.

The patches I sent, don't change the lock file location 
from /var/spool/ to /var/spool/news/. 

By the way, is the "source server definition" still at the beginning of 
the config.example instead of at the end?  That could bite newbies. 

Volker Apelt   volker_apelt  .@.  yahoo.de (remove the dots, please)   
Dipl. Chem.    +49 6172 31126   

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