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[leafnode-list] fetchnews not getting all messages

I just got a somewhat working configuration of leafnode version 1.9.19.  As
recommended while testing my configuration I initially set the initial
fetch=100 and so  only downloaded 100 messages from each of the newsgroups I
subscribed to.  As news clients I am using Microsoft outlook.  

I've now commented out the initial fetch option.  When I run fetchnews with
no options I notice it does not go back and download all messages from the
newsgroups I had previously downloaded 100 of.  With that in mind I yanked
out the old man page and found the -x option.  I gave it a large number
(fetchnews -x 2000), it indeed did download more messages but not 2000.
Some further information is...  maxfetch is not and has never been set.  I
am not concerned with space or time so all limitations have not been set.

If I connect to my ISP news server in my client and poll the newsgroup it
has well over 6000 messages in it.  I can pull down in my client the headers
for all of those messages and can read the oldest and most recent so I know
the messages exist on the news server.

Are there special steps I need to follow to get fetchnews to go back and get
every message from the server?   Would unsubscribe and the subscribing again
do the trick?  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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