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[leafnode-list] leafnode 2.0b8_ma9.2pre available



I just uploaded leafnode 2.0b8_ma9.2pre to

It's the first 2.0x release to use GNU automake. I've tested the whole
lot with FreeBSD's make (which is BSD make rather than GNU make) and
found no problems with make distcheck.

> Status: ----------------------------------------------------------------

Beta version, still missing features and bearing bugs.

It should be as stable as ma9.1pre, but the installation prodecure may
be less mature. Please report any installation troubles.

The code compiles flawlessly on SuSE Linux 7.3 and FreeBSD
4.5-PRERELEASE. "Works for me" (trivial tests of fetchnews and leafnode)
on SuSE Linux 7.3.

Please do not distribute binary packages. You are permitted to, but
please don't create support nightmares.

> Highlights: ------------------------------------------------------------

* fetchnews -f now initializes group low/high water marks properly
  (fixes a long-standing bug)

* fetchnews -N (only operate on specified newsgroup) works
  (long-standing feature request) -- This should make Jürgen Salk happy.

* fetchnews has IPv6 support (not thoroughly tested, may have
  portability problems) on systems that have getaddrinfo.

* leafnode (nntpd) authentication reworked, cleaned up and
  documented. Currently, only htpasswd-style local password stuff is
  implemented. See README or leafnode.8, use tools/make_pass.pl to
  create passwords. (Does not yet log the user who posted an article.)

* now uses automake, gives us all the standard automake targets, should
  fix compile troubles, dependency updating woes, and adds a testing
  framework (which is currently unused); should ease later packaging.

* permissions tightened up, newsq now installs as set-gid news

> ChangeLog: -------------------------------------------------------------

2002-01-06  Matthias Andree  <matthias.andree@xxxxxx>

	=== RELEASE 2.0b8_ma9.2pre ===
	* TODO: Update.
	* configure.ac: Only default spooldir to /var/spool/news when no
	prefix is set or the prefix is /usr, default to
	$localstatedir/spool/news otherwise.  Fixes make distcheck

	* Makefile.am: Prevent install-data-hook abort in non-root mode.
	* fetchnews.c: Fix long-standing forceactive (-f) bug that left
	groupinfo with all watermarks zeroed out.
	* tools/make_pass.pl: Clean up a little.
	* miscutil.c: Add lclint annotations and some const attributes.
	* get.h: Add lclint annotations.
	* masock_sa2port.c: Initial checkin.
	* leafnode.h: Reorder, drop AM_NAME, add some lclint comments.
	* masock.h: Add masock_sa2port.
	* leafnode.8.in: Update, document authenticate.
	* nntpd.c: Drop AM_NAME support.  Properly implement AM_FILE
	support for authentication, clean up and enhance robustness.

	* configutil.c: Drop AM_NAME support.
	* README.html: Update, document authenticate.
	* artutil.c: Heed DEBUG_CANCEL when cancelling or superseding.
	* fetchnews.5.in: renamed to filterfile.5.in
	* configure.ac: Add getaddrinfo.
	* Makefile.am: Add masock_sa2port.c.
	* nntpd.c (log_sockaddr): Also log port numbers.
	* nntputil.c: Add commentary for Doxygen.

2002-01-05  Matthias Andree  <matthias.andree@xxxxxx>

	* nntputil.c: Support IPv6 (NNTP client) if the OS provides
	getaddrinfo(3).  Add some lclint annotations. Fix some bugs, add
	some assert().

	* nntpd.c: Add SETVBUF_REVERSED support.
	* TODO: Update, drop fetchnews -N bug and automake (done).
	* .cvsignore: Add Makefile.in.
	* vcp.sh: Dropped in favor of automake.
	* makedepend.sh: Dropped in favor of automake.
	* Makefile.in: Dropped in favor of Makefile.am.
	* configure.in: Renamed to configure.ac.
	* configure.ac: Renamed from configure.in.  Added a lot of things
	that autoscan found missing.  Ran through autoreconf.

	* store.c: Include fixes and lclint annotations sent by Ralf

	* mastrncpy.c: Include lclint annotations sent by Ralf Wildenhues.
	* mastring.c: Include fixes and lclint annotations sent by Ralf

	* mastring.h: Include fixes and lclint annotations sent by Ralf

	* leafnode.h: Include lclint annotations sent by Ralf Wildenhues.
	* b_sortnl.c: Include fixes and lclint annotations sent by Ralf
	Wildenhues.  Drop "y" variable and rely on compiler to optimize

2002-01-04  Matthias Andree  <matthias.andree@xxxxxx>

	* Makefile.am: Switch to automake.
	* fetchnews.c: Really implement -N option to only fetch a
	particular newsgroup, reported by Jürgen Salk.
	* aclocal.m4: Update. Just part of CVS for convenience.
	* amiroot.c: Import from leafnode 1.9.19.ma*.
	* README.html: Minor updates.
	* newsq.1.in: Add set-gid note.
	* newsq.1.in: document in.coming and failed.postings.
	* fetchnews.c: Implement -N option to only fetch a particular

- -- 
Matthias Andree

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."         Benjamin Franklin

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